New Geek Badge Unlocked!

I’ve been playing Magic: the Gathering long enough now that I’ve started to accumulate a fair number of cards. Lots and lots of cards.

Thousands of cards.

Denisa, being the keen observer of all things in our home, has noticed these cards. They have a tendency to accumulate and have little card parties all over the place. On bookshelves, under dressers, under chairs, on tables, in rooms, under the bed. You name it. They’re organized (because I’m me), but they do tend to sprawl.

So this week, I took a major step in my life. I had Denisa pick me up an old card catalog.

For my Magic: the Gathering collection.

That’s right, people. I store all those cards in an old-school librarian storage container. Let that sink in for a moment. The cool thing? I’m not the only one who does this. I learned it from friends. You might think it’s the epitome of nerdiness. I think it’s pretty much awesome. It only has six drawers, but the thing drinks in cards like a sponge. I only have half the drawers filled, which means I probably have a good 2-3 more years at least before I need to get a second one.

Unless TRC wants to use some of my storage space. He’s got his own collection . . .

But for now, the card menace has been stopped. Denisa’s happy. I’m happy. Life is good, peoples.

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