New Orleans Bound

ALA is in New Orleans this year, and I’ll be attending once again. (In June. Not sure if that’s the time of year New Orleans would be the most pleasant to visit, but it’s the time I’ll be going.) Outside of Alaska, this is really the one part of the country I’ve never been anywhere near before. Checking out the map, the closest I’ve come to New Orleans in all my travels would be San Antonio. After that, it’s a layover in Atlanta, or all my vacationing in Orlando. So this is filling in a huge hole in my American Experience.

I’m planning on heading down a bit before the conference and/or coming back a bit after it, and I’m going to bring my family with me. (Again, not sure if New Orleans is the best family friendly destination, but it’s a huge area of the country I’d like my kids to have some exposure to. Very different from Maine, I’d imagine.) The good news is that I’m flying them all down for free on points. (My first time using points for anything other than cash back rewards.)

While we’re down there, I’ve already got a short list of things we’d like to do. That includes driving around outside the city and checking out the area some. I’d like to go to a jazz concert or a dixie concert. I’d like to eat cool new things. But I don’t have any real idea beyond that what we should be doing. (I don’t even know what I should be eating.) That’s where you come in. Any of you been in the area before? What are some things to check out in the city and within an hour or two around it? Any good beaches? Any and all suggestions would be welcome!

And if you’re going down to ALA this year as well, let me know. Maybe we can meet up!


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