No Concept of Time

I’m off to Bangor today for an MLA Board retreat. Or something like that. What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means the head honchos of the Maine Library Association are going to get together and talk turkey for six hours or so. Future of the association, how to stay strong, keep libraries vibrant–big picture planning sort of stuff. I’m actually looking forward to it a fair bit, to be honest. I’m a big believer in libraries, and I like having the chance to try to help them succeed.

It also means a four hour round trip to Bangor. But hey–now that I do that whole audiobook thing, it’s 4 hours of reading time.

Multitasking for the win, eh?

Anyway. No real time for a real post. So instead I’ll leave you with an observation. I’ve somehow lost my concept of time.

Bonus points if you can name the connection between that clip and losing your concept of time.

But it’s true. I come into work on Mondays, and people ask how my weekend was, and I’ve already forgotten. Denisa mentioned a few days ago that something was happening in November, and I literally couldn’t remember what month it was, and if November was far off or in a week or two. I’m living in this day to day zone, where all I can really pay any attention to is what’s happening that day–maybe the next day, as well.

Thankfully my goals keep me going. Keep my time parceled out so that I don’t go crazy.

I’m sure it’ll work out fine for me. 🙂

How about you–do you ever feel like this? What have you done to fight that feeling? Do share!

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