Old Friends and Dead Mice

I’d say it’s almost worth getting out of touch with old friends, just for the feeling you get when you finally get back In Touch with them, but . . . I think I’d still rather stay in touch all along. That said, it is very nice to hear from people you haven’t heard from in a while. Thank goodness for Facebook and blogs–I’m so much better at keeping tabs on people than I ever was in the days before them.

And in an update on my mouse situation, I’m happy to report the critter’s dead dead dead. It moved into my ceiling during the day yesterday, and–unknown to it–I have a vent in my ceiling. A vent I can open, and put a trap down. It got very glued yesterday–let’s just put it that way. Of course, this means the thing might start stinking if I can’t get it out . . . but that’s why they invented potpourri.

Take that, mouse!

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