On the Road Again

I’m heading out on the road again today. Down to DC for ALA Annual, then up to Pennsylvania for some vacation, along with a stop in NYC to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It should be a fun trip, but it also means I might be around here only now and then, depending on what my schedule is like.

If you’re going to be in DC for ALA, let me know. I’m there Friday through Monday, and I’m always on the hunt for people to eat lunch with or have a laugh with in the exhibitor hall. Not doing any signings this time, though hope springs eternal that one day I’ll have some more books coming out to change that. Some rumblings here and there, but nothing I can share, and nothing solid enough to go looking for a place to celebrate.

And if you’re around PA and want to get together, let me know. My schedule’s going to be a bit zanier, but I might be able to squeeze some extra visits in here and there.

This also means that today’s is my kids’ last day of school. Tomas is done with ninth grade, DC with fifth, and MC will no longer be a kindergartner. Crazy. It’s been a good year for them all, with plenty of learning experiences (some good, some bad, but that’s always the way it is, isn’t it?) Happy to be able to celebrate by taking a vacation.

Anyway. Now you know why I’ll be heavy on pictures and light on posts for the next while. See you on the flip side!


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