Parent Teacher Conference Time

It being November, I see a lot of people posting all the things they’re thankful for on Facebook. (Wait a minute–that came out wrong. I meant to say, I see a lot of people on Facebook posting all the things they’re thankful for. There’s a big difference there.) While I haven’t been doing that, I did want to take a minute to say how grateful I am for children who are attentive, obedient, courteous, and who really want to learn and succeed.

Last night I had both TRC’s and DC’s parent teacher conferences, and true to form, both were smooth sailing. First came DC’s, whose teacher regaled me with stories of how great my daughter is. Of course, I’ve never had any parent teacher conference go any differently, so I suppose there’s the chance that this is how they all go for all parents, but something tells me that isn’t the case. In any case, DC is ahead of the curve on reading and math, and she’s working hard at showing First Grade who’s boss.

TRC, meanwhile, has an enduring love for science. It’s his best subject by far. (Well, he has a 100% in it. His other grades can’t keep up.) His teacher complimented him both on his smarts but–just as important to me–how well he’s behaved in class and what a good example he is to other people. Smarts are one thing, and they’re often out of your control one way or the other. Being a hard worker and a nice human being?

That’s all up to the individual.

So as I was driving home and then when I got home and saw all the thankful posts on Facebook, I was certainly reminded that I have a lot to be thankful for myself. Often it’s the things we take most for granted that are the things we actually would miss the most if they were different.

Thanks, kids! And keep up the great work!

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