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So the piano has now officially been tuned. For those of you wondering, it plays beautifully. According to the tuner, our piano is from 1910, and is in good condition. I’m looking forward to having some time behind the keys for a while–I’d really like to get better at piano, and now that we have one up and running, I have the chance. That said, I’d also really like TRC and (eventually) DC to be able to play the piano, and for that, I’m turning to you, faithful readers.

What’s a good age to start piano lessons? For you western-Mainers out there, know of any good teachers? What’s a lesson usually go for? How often should they get lessons? Any information from anyone in the world would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. piano lessons 2 cents
    Hi Bryce. Jodie C. here. I can reply based on my limited teaching experience. I think a good thing to consider when you are wondering about this is whether you, as a parent, are ready for piano lessons–ready to help set aside valuable, quiet and uninterrupted practice time on a regular basis, mostly, and time for the lessons as well. Aside from that, it’s helpful for a child to be able to read (though not necessary), to be able to sit and focus on something for 30 minutes or so at least, and to show some interest themselves in learning to play the piano. I started at age 5 and I loved it, but I think it wasn’t until age 8 when I was able to better read music that I started making real progress.

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    I teach C, and I ask S every once and a while if he’d like to try. We have a rule that if you want to “play” on the piano (aka, noodle) you need to have lessons. I teach, I’m not amazing but I know how to teach lessons and I can’t believe how much my friends pay (times how many kids we’d have in lessons). We started C when we go the piano, which I think was second grade… I think.
    I will probably encourage Spencer more next year.

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    (Sorry, Bryce…I didn’t know there was a question waiting for me here.) So far my kids are following the “Young Child” program through Kindermusik, which has been great at introducing theory and getting them ready to play different instruments. It’s expensive, but I’ve been impressed with it. R is in her last semester and I’m going to start teaching her piano myself to start out (I’ve given her a few lessons already). I generally don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be her teacher and will probably switch to a teacher once we find one that we like, but I figure that it’s something I’m qualified to do and time with R that I enjoy spending (at least until she hates me for making her practice). My sister has had great success teaching her kids, so I’ve been somewhat inspired by her. We’ll see how it goes.

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    Thanks, Jodie. I’ve started teaching Tomas myself for now . . . we’ll see how it goes. I think I could at least get him to have the basics . . .

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