Potty Training 3.0

There are many days when I wake up early in the morning and I envy Denisa for the chance she gets to sleep. I’m to work each day by about 6:45, and if you know me, you know I don’t love early mornings. But today, I didn’t envy Denisa one bit. Not a single iota.

Because today, she’s potty training MC.

That’s the plan, at least. I had to get special permission to blog about the topic today, since she really didn’t want to jinx herself. And today’s post isn’t all about how easy this is going to be or how ready we both are to have diapers make their way out of our house (though we certainly are). Today’s post is about how I literally have no real idea how this black magic works.

Yesterday, MC was completely reliant on diapers. By the end of today, Denisa’s goal is that MC will be potty trained. That’s a pretty darn big goal for a single Monday, and yet when I look back at our other two children, Denisa managed to pull it off both times.

How? I really don’t know. I know that she didn’t want me home on those days, and I know that she used the book Toilet Training in Less than a Day both times. I understand the basics of the approach, but I’ve never seen it in action. She’s always waited until the kids are 2 before doing it, but with each of our other kids, it’s been done as soon as possible once they reach that point. All I really know is my assignment is to come home and be really excited for MC and have her tell me all about it. That’s an assignment I can do.

It really makes me feel like I should have something more ambitious for myself lined up today. Maybe “Solve World Hunger” or “Break the Speed of Light.” Something that might be comparable, somehow.

Anyway. My thoughts are definitely with Denisa and MC today. Hoping everything is going great, but not calling, because they don’t need distractions. And if/when the potty training is actually complete and we’re done with diapers? There will be much rejoicing. Cloth diapers have been all eco-friendly, I know (and way lighter on the wallet), but hosing off diapers in the toilet every day? That’s something I’m pretty much ready to have over . . .

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