Project: Bathroom

Over ten years ago, when Denisa and I were house hunting, we had a few “must haves” on our list. A garage. Four bedrooms. Two bathrooms. But as we went from house to house (more than 20 in two days), we began to see that a list of “musts” for a house is kind of like a list of “musts” for a spouse. There’s the ideal, and then there’s the reality, and sometimes you have to let some things slide. Sometimes, your “musts” turn out to be “would prefers”.

So when we bought our house, it only had 1 bathroom.

And in the years since then, we’ve plotted. Planned. Schemed. Every renovation we did had an ultimate end game in mind: a second bathroom. Because bathrooms.

I’m pleased to say that as of yesterday, we’ve finally put that end game into motion. The bathroom is being built. Not only will this mean we have a second bathroom, but it’ll be right next door to my new bedroom, which will be ever so much more convenient. (Score!)

How serious are things? Well, serious enough that I’ve already bought the toilet. A guy just doesn’t go around buying toilets for fun. (At least, I wouldn’t recommend it. Yesterday I had a part day due to snow, so I stayed at home and pored over all sorts of fun products. Which toilet should we buy? Which vanity? Lighting fixtures? Tiles? Towel racks? I was in decision overload by the end of it, let me tell you. Glad that’s done.)

So if all goes according to plan, the stuff should arrive next week, and construction will be finished two or three weeks after that.

And in case you were wondering, we’re going with a shower-only, but we’re also putting in some nice perks like an electric heater, heated tile floors, and a hibachi grill. (One of those things isn’t actually going in the bathroom. I’ll let you guess which.)

Will it be noisy and dirty around the Bryce household for the next while? Yes it will. Do I care? No I do not.

Because I want that second bathroom. Wish us luck! (Well . . . wish our contractor luck. I personally will not be touching many power tools on this job. I hope.)


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