More rain today. We had quite the busy weekend. On Saturday we went to this floating parade sort of a thing. Not really sure how to describe it, really. They had a bunch of home made boats with different themes, and then they launched them on the river and had to float around collecting money and trying to sink each other. This sounds intriguing, but the real deal was somewhat less than exciting, due in large part to the fact that the thing was supposed to start at 10:00, and started at noon, instead. Too bad we showed up at 10:15 for it. Lots of standing, little action. Although I did get to see a Slovak rendition of the Jamaican bobsled team, complete with Slovaks in blackface. PC in Europe only refers to computers, I’m afraid.

Yesterday we had church, followed by two visits, one to some of DKC’s church friends and the other to some of her high school friends. I ate a ton at the first place, not having been told we were eating at the second. Showed up to the second and there was dessert. I thought, “How nice. Dessert twice in one day.” So I had three servings. Very tasty. Then they brought out the appetizer trays. Now I thought, “How odd. Dessert first, then appetizers. That’s kind of backward, but I’d better eat liberally so as not to offend anyone.” After that, I was pretty much stuffed to overflowing. That’s when they started building a fire in a barbeque. Yeah. The main course was barbequed chicken with salad and rolls. Once again, so as not to offend I ate. And ate. And ate.

I’m about recovered now, thanks for wondering.

I’ve been offered wine multiple times on this trip, and each time I’ve naturally declined for religious reasons. It’s interesting—quite a few people have said that they wish they could say the same thing when people offered them alcohol. In Slovakia (and Germany, for that matter), not offering someone something to drink can be considered a fairly big insult in some areas. Not accepting that drink is also an insult. Since I keep insulting people by not drinking their wine, I have to do my best to show my appreciation for the food. The sacrifices I make. 🙂

Today we went into Trencin and had a tour of the castle, followed by lunch at a pizzeria. European pizza is different than American pizza. Lighter, with different toppings. Mind had red peppers, Polish sausage and ham lunch meat. It was highly tasty.

Tomorrow we’re going back to the dentist, since DKC’s root canaled tooth is now hurting her. That really ought not to be happening, right? Since the nerve should be technically dead? If I never see a dentist again, it’ll be too soon.

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