I actually don’t mind that it’s been raining quite a bit here the last few days. It makes it easier to be inside working on things knowing that there’s not some great weather you’re missing. Writing’s been going  very well of late. I’m beginning to hit my groove, consistently being able to get going instead of dawdling a while before I start. Of course, so much of writing is bi-polar for me. I either feel like I’m writing the best thing EVAR, or I feel like it’s all tripe. Is it like that for any of you out there? I wonder how I can be so level-headed in my personal life (at least as far as I know), yet so up and down yo-yo in my writing. I don’t let it stop me from writing–I write, whether I feel like what I’m writing is trash or not. And inevitably I come up with a way to fix what was frustrating me earlier, and then I feel good about it all a few days later.

Case in point.

A few days ago I was really frustrated with the chapter I was working on (Chapter Three, in case you wondered). It all felt really bland and too conversation-y. Lots of talking, little action. Then in the shower after writing (a lot of my best thinking comes in the shower), I thought of a way to add a little tension. I went back and tried it, and lo and behold, the chapter felt like it was going great. Just a small difference, but it made a huge difference in my perception of my work. Crazy.

My hope is that while I’m in Slovakia on vacation, I can get a whole lot of writing done. Let’s see . . . I won’t have internet for most of it, no television I can understand reliably, no movies, none of my board game collection, no PS2, computer games, Wii . . . As long as I don’t go into serious tech-withdrawal, I should be quite productive. We’ll see.

And in other news, I had a lovely refresher on book repair at my library today. It’s got me thinking of a new magic system that could be pretty cool to write about . . . always a nice feeling to come up with good ideas.

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