So the time’s about here for me to start on the rewrite of Lesana.  A couple of hours ago, I was dreading it.  There was just so much to be done to the book.  But you know what?  I just got finished reading pieces of it as I was organizing my notes for the rewrite, and I discovered something:

I’m excited.

The thing is, I like the book.  Even with all the flaws it has right now, I can still see what it’s capable of becoming, and I’m sure I can make a book I’m happy with out of it.  I like the characters, the setting, and even most of the plot.  It’s just muddled (a fine word

used to describe it).  I’ve decided to attack the rewrite in three phases.

Phase 1: The Big Changes–I’m going to plot out the whole book, much like I did with Ichabod.  And with this plot, I’ll then go and make sure all the pieces are there for that plot to work.  If that means cutting large sections, I’ll cut.  If it means writing new ones, I’ll write.  But I’ll get the plot into prime condition before I do anything else to the book.  All I’ll worry about at this stage is plot–big plot, too.  Not even the little stuff.  I just need to make sure I have a whole piece to work with before I start the fine tuning.

Phase 2: Chapter Plastic Surgery–This will be the basic cosmetic differences.  I don’t mean little stuff, though.  Maybe a nose job, face lift, break the jaw and reset it–whatever has to be done to a chapter to get it into proper shape.  I’ll be putting in writing group suggestions here (the more minor ones that didn’t get included in Phase 1).

Phase 3: Filling out and trimming down.  This will have two steps, actually.  In the first one, I’m going to focus on description.  This is my biggest weakness (aside from plot) as an author, and it’s really me just being lazy.  When I decide to put in descriptions, I can usually do a good job of it.  I don’t mean to say I’m going to drown the book in descriptions, but I’m planning on making sure there are visuals and the other senses are present.  After that, I’ll work on trimming down the prose. 

 tries to ditch 10-15% or so.  I’ll see how it goes for me.

After those steps are completed, I’ll have beta readers read it, and then make final changes based on their comments.

Then I’ll submit it.

I’d like to have the whole thing done by about May, giving me a solid month to work on it.  But if it takes longer, so be it.  At this point, I just want to be sure I take the time to tell the story I have to tell.  As long as I’m happy with it, that’ll be enough for me.  Tomorrow, I start making up the list of changes that need to be done for Phase 1.  Wish me luck.

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