I just finished what has to be one of the most unique books I’ve seen that I can recall. Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures, by Walter Moers. It wasn’t unique in that it was in different colors of ink or a crazy pop up book or anything. It was just rambling and fairly random. And yet I couldn’t stop reading. The original is in German–I wonder if I could get my hands on a copy? It would be interesting to compare the translation. And apparently it’s part of a series, so if I find the time, I’ll have to check the others out, as well.

But time–that’s the issue.

I’ve only been getting about six hours of sleep a night for the last while, and that’s just not enough. But I don’t have enough time during the day to get everything done that I’d like to do. I’m just proud of myself for managing to keep my writing moving forward. (And while I think of it, that’s been going well. Consistently at over 500 words a day now, sometimes breaking above 600. Although I’m learning that this rewrite has better results if I just read the old chapter once through and then set it aside and write the thing from scratch. New cloth vs. old cloth. That sort of thing.)

Anyway. These sorts of experiences have led me to a conclusion. Science needs to start figuring out a way to make liquid sleep. Enough with the even flatter televisions and cloned iguanas. Start doing something useful, science! Think of it: we could have entire “sleep farms” where people go to get paid to store sleep, and then that sleep could be transferred to people like me. It’d be like a blood bank. And I know who I’d hire to store sleep up first: toddlers. All those wasted naps. All that wasted rest. It’s a gold mine, I tell you! We’ll be rich!

As long as we can do away with those pesky “child labor” laws.

Hmm . . . this requires more thought.

Which I’ll get around to when I’m better rested.

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