I’m off to another library meeting today and tomorrow, but I wanted to pop in quickly before I leave to let people know that if they’d like to have a signed copy of THE PERFECT PLACE TO DIE, I’ve arranged with my local bookstore (Devaney, Doak & Garrett) to let people order one from them and ask for a signed copy. If you’d like it addressed to someone, or to have me write a message in it as well, you can let them know that when you order it. They’ll then let me know they need my John Hancock, and I’ll head over on a lunch break to sign the book. They’ll then ship it out to you (or of course you can just pick it up at the store, if you’re local.)

You can order it at this link.

I realize this information comes a bit late for many of you, and rest assured I’m happy to sign copies when I’m out and about across the country, but I wanted the procrastinators out there to know about the option. Supporting local bookstores is really the best way to go. They have a tailored collection just for your area, the money you give them stays in your area, and that helps a community be stronger. I won’t hold it against you for buying at Walmart or Amazon (as I said yesterday: buy it where you like to buy books), but I did want to put in a special plug for those local bookstores out there.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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