Special Order a Vodnik T-Shirt!

I’ve sold out of my first order of T-shirts, so I’m going to be ordering some more. I was really happy with how they turned out (been wearing the heck out of mine), and TRC has been dying to have his own since I got them. (He needs an XS, and I had only ordered S, M, L, & XL). I know last time there had been some people who were interested, but I didn’t have their size (or I’d run out of it)–so if you want a t-shirt, let me know. I’ll take special orders for any specific sizes this time around.

I plan to run the order sometime in the next week or two. Comment below, on Facebook, Twitter, or shoot me an email. The shirts cost me $13 each. If you write a review and promise to promo the book online or with your friends, I’ll sell them to you at cost. Otherwise, they’re $20 each. Shipping is $5.
Don’t miss your chance for fun glow-in-the-dark reaper goodness!

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