Stairway to Heaven

Or “Stairway to My Garage’s Attic.” Whichever you prefer. That’s right, folks: it’s been far too long since I had some good home renovation posts on this blog, and it’s time to change that.

Yesterday, a friend and I sawed into a wall in a room between my kitchen and garage. There’s now a gaping hole there, some unexposed wires, some two by fours, and plenty of sawdust. But soon, there’ll be a staircase there. The plan is that this staircase will tie in that attic space to the main part of the house better. Ultimately, my home office will go up there, so I can write in peace. It’ll also be the site of a master bedroom, a loft, a walk-in closet, a huge wall of windows, and a second bathroom.

Of course, that’s all probably years down the road. It depends on how well my books sell. So if you want to see my attic done sooner, everybody please buy my books. (This means you.)

In related news, I’ve finished the first draft of Tarnhelm, my YA noir fantasy. Pretty pleased with it for now, but I’m going to let it sit for a month, then give it a good round of edits, followed by getting some beta readers on it. (There’ll be a call for readers coming.) So that’s exciting.

And no fear–I’ll keep you all up to date on my staircase’s progress. Hopefully it’s not too long of a project. (Famous last words–I still have to finish scraping, sanding and painting part of the garage from last year. I’ve been waiting for cooler weather . . .)

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