Stand By Me

Not sure how fast this is going to spread across teh Internatz, but I just watched it via one of the blogs I follow (Gizmodo), and it really blew me away. Basically, it’s a group of street performers all doing their own rendition of Stand By Me, which a crew of dedicated producers then combined into one massive tour de force. While I was on my mission in Germany, I had multiple opportunities to talk to street musicians (because, hey–when you’re walking the streets of East Germany looking for people to talk to, you run into other people on the streets looking for people to pay them money. Why not stop and swap stories? There was this one guy who played the marimbas in Weimar. He was pretty darn cool. Jew from Brooklyn. Not interested in becoming Mormon, but then again, not many people were. And there was an origami artist in the same city–he was pretty cool, too). This brought back some good memories. Anyway–really enjoyed this–give it a gander.

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