Super Bowl 2021 Thoughts

Like many (most?) of you, I spent my evening yesterday watching the Buccaneers thrash the Chiefs, in a game that was honestly pretty disappointing, since I thought it would be much more of an even matchup. I mean, I ultimately wanted Tom Brady to win (that’s what TB stands for, right?), mainly because I think it’s a pretty remarkable storyline. He left the Patriots and everyone was saying he was just too old to do anything anymore. People all attributed his success to coaching and a confluence of influences, and then he went and joined . . . Tampa Bay? I mean, when I heard about that move, I thought it was a pretty ignominious way to end your career.

(Honestly, the Patriots should have never, ever, ever let Brady go. When a player has done that much for a team, I’m of the mindset that the team should stick with them to ensure they end their career with that team. Tom Brady was the Patriots. But whatever.)

In any case, Brady managing to win the Super Bowl with a team that had, up until then, only been on the bad side of so-so for the past long while is pretty jaw dropping, in my opinion. Yes, the team didn’t just win on the back of Brady. Their defense played a huge role, and yes, the Chiefs were down some key positions, and it looked like Mahomes was still somewhat injured, but that’s how football goes.

The rest of the game was . . . pleasantly diverting? I mean, it was a good excuse to sit there and eat chips and Oreos for a few hours. The halftime show made me realize I have officially stopped caring at all about current music trends, which is kind of disappointing. I didn’t recognize a single song by The Weeknd, and I found the whole thing just bizarre and fairly boring. Give me Prince or U2 any day of the week.

The ads were fine, though there was a severe lack of monkeys in them. (I don’t ask much from my commercials. Some humor is good, but a good chimpanzee can go a very long way with me.) I still find the ads that are Heartwarming and Special to be . . . strange. What have we come to as a nation when it takes Bruce Springsteen to appear in a Jeep commercial to tell us all to be more unified?

But again, I’ll take just about any excuse to do something different in February. We didn’t have people over or go anywhere. Just watched it with Tomas, Daniela, and MC. (Denisa decided to skip the experience.) It felt like this strange mishmash of normal and not normal. It was the Super Bowl, but there were masks, but there was a crowd, but only half or a quarter as many.

Here’s hoping next year’s game is better, and that life is much more back to normal than it is right now . . .

What did you all think about it? I realize that my perceptions can be heavily skewed by living deep in the heart of Patriots country for so long. Did everyone else want to see Brady do well, or were you all rooting for the Chiefs?


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