Surprise Home Improvement

You all know the big project of the summer is renovating the kitchen. The cabinets are ordered and on their way. The layout is set. The time is blocked off. The budget’s there.

Well, a part of my roof decided it had other ideas about all that.

Seven years ago, we paid to have that part of the roof redone. It was a process that wasn’t without its pitfalls, as you’ll see if you go to that post. Those pitfalls really ought to have been a red flag to us about who we were dealing with. We ignored them, and we’ve been paying the price for that again and again in the years since as we’ve paid to redo the things that contractor did wrong. This is just the latest incident of that.

The roof really should have lasted another 5-10 years at least. Instead, it’s been shedding shingles left and right. The shingles themselves are in fine shape, but they weren’t nailed properly to the roof. Instead, too little space was left between the edge of the shingles and the nails, making it so that the shingles can get ripped off in a strong wind. We also discovered that the roofers from 7 years ago failed to put any sort of underlayment on the roof. Again, something I should have caught back then, but I was much newer in the ways of the roof, and I just didn’t see it.

In any case, we can’t have a big part of our house stuck with a roof that’s failing constantly, and we don’t want to have to continue to pay people to come and fix it, so . . . we’re getting it totally redone. It’s frustrating, and it’s not cheap, but I just don’t see another choice. It’s very high up there, so it’s not something I’m willing to do myself or with a group of friends. I want someone insured, and we have someone lined up already, which worked out well. It should be totally done by tomorrow. Yay for quick, straight-forward projects.

The good news is that thanks to all the government COVID stimulus checks, I think we’re still on track for the kitchen. Here’s hoping nothing else major breaks anytime soon, though. That extra padding only goes so far.


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