Talk about a Pain in the Neck

40th Anniversary Herman Munster Action Figure

Okay. This is getting old. I woke up yesterday morning with a kink in my neck which made it extremely painful to turn to the left. So after walking around all day like Herman Munster, I came home to get a head cold. And then I woke up with the kink spread both ways, so looking to either side now hurts. Thankfully, it hurts less than it did to look left yesterday, but I’ve still got the Frankenstein’s Monster thing going for me. So it looks like today will be filled with me lying in bed trying to forget I can’t move my neck. Yesterday evening I watched Slapshot (overrated–two stars if I’m feeling generous), Exam (an intriguing premise, but it falls apart in a flurry of over explanation at the end–another two star wonder), and a bit of the Dick Van Dyke Show (in season two now–love love love it). This morning I’ve watched The Red Balloon (much better than I expected a movie about a boy’s relationship with a sentient piece of inflatable rubber would be–really quite good. Three stars, maybe a smidge more), and I’m going to delve into something less foreign now. Maybe something with an action flair to it, though watching it on my iPad will undoubtedly be less immersive than it would be on my big screen TV. Oh well. Not up to sitting up just yet.

Some have suggested going for a massage or some chiropractic treatment. If it’s not better by tomorrow, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do. I just don’t like strangers touching me–probably why I cut my own hair. Well, that and the me-not-liking-to-make-small-talk-with-strangers thing. Surprising that I’m so ready to make small talk with strangers on my blog. I’m just full of inconsistencies, I suppose.

Anyway–enough typing. It’s making my shoulders tense. And forgive the lack of spellchecking on this post, and if anything else is out of place. Just be thankful I could post at all. I know I am.

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