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Cold Comfort FarmI’m giving a 20 minute talk in church on Sunday. That’s the plan, at least. In practice, it’s proving to be a bit harder to get this talk done than some I’ve done in the past, likely because the topic doesn’t quite mesh up with my typical MO. Wanna know the topic?

“He that is tithed shall not be burned at his coming.”*


Pay up or burn, baby! Bonus points to any of you out there who can make the connection between the picture for today’s post and the topic. I’ll give you one clue, even: Gandalf.

Anyway, I’ve already put in about five hours on the talk, and I’m about a third of the way there.

Because I didn’t have enough to do already, clearly.

I’ll make sure to post the talk in all its hellfire and damnation, pulpit-pounding glory. Probably on Monday. Unless the congregation kills me first. 🙂 If you want to be there for the performance, come on by. We meet at 9.

(*That’s from Doctrine & Covenants 64:23, in case you were wondering. For you non-Mormons out there, don’t go looking in your Bible for that one. It’s in a collection of modern day revelations.)

3 thoughts on “Talk on Sunday”

  1. oooooooooooooohhh
    I can’t wait for this one. You will probably have lots of great anecdotes to share…or not.
    I will be sure to get plenty of rest on Saturday night – to be in tip top listening form on Sunday morning.
    Best of Luck

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