The Bar for “A Good Day” Has Been Significantly Lowered

How’s your Tuesday going? Mine’s going pretty great. Why? Because I now have a functional fridge and freezer in my house. That’s right! Instead of having to find a pair of shoes and trek out to the garage anytime I want a glass of milk or some ice cream, I can just traipse across the room. A few months ago, “having a working fridge” would have seemed like something that should just be a given. These days, solving basic problems like that feels like a cause for celebration. (Especially when it looked for a while like we wouldn’t get the fridge until late August.)

Of course, it wasn’t all strawberries and sunshine getting the new fridge in. For one thing, all of our doors are too small to fit the new fridge into our kitchen. One of the joys of having a house that was built in 1841 is that none of the doors are standard sized. Some are 30 inches wide, some are as narrow as 27 inches, and the rest are in between there. The new fridge just barely fit through the screen door on the back of the house. If it hadn’t . . . I don’t know what we would have done.

This means, of course, that it didn’t fit through the door to the kitchen. Not that it mattered, because the spot where we have our fridge now didn’t fit the new fridge anyway. This means it’s in the room next to the kitchen, which is still close enough in my book. (It’s also an even bigger incentive to renovating the whole kitchen this fall . . .) It also means that this fridge feels ginormous. It’s supposedly 25.5 cubic feet of coolness. (We got a freezer on the bottom model, with no in-door ice or water, because those always seem to break. No french doors either, because this America. Not France.)

I only had to go to the crawlspace once, which in terms of home improvement upgrades, is a real bonus as well. (Somehow I’d forgotten the fact that we’d have to worry about turning off the waterline to the current fridge. It’s in the crawlspace, and I didn’t even come across one mouse carcass on the way. Huzzah!

Anyway. That’s my Tuesday so far. How is yours going? Did you do something exhilarating as well? Maybe you got a haircut, or you successfully put on pants? Let’s look on the bright side, people. Before COVID, I always complained that kids got congratulated for things that never seemed to get me the same sort of praise. Showering themselves. Not pooping their pants. Speaking simple sentences. Now, with quarantine, I get to experience the same sort of benefits!


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