The Bathroom Begins!

And here we are. September and another home renovation project. This time, we’re working on the downstairs bathroom. (The only bathroom we had, back in the day.) As we’ve renovated the rest of the house, bit by bit rooms that were just fine have become rooms that need renovation to keep up with the upgrades we’ve been making elsewhere. (Which makes sense. Those rooms are now at least 15 years old, if they were renovated right before we moved in.)

Up until now, the downstairs bathroom has been more and more neglected, to the point that none of the kids even wanted to use it to shower. It’s always also served as the laundry room, and it’s right off the kitchen, and we’d really love a bit of separation of the bathroom from the kitchen. That bathroom is quite spacious–more than what we need out of the room, now that there’s a second bathroom.

So what’s the plan? We’re going to turn that one big bathroom into two smaller rooms. Coming in from the kitchen, you’ll first come to a laundry room (we’re going to stack our washer and dryer) that has a sink and storage cabinets. Beyond that will be a small bathroom with a tub and sink. It’ll be a much smaller bathroom, but it’s a bathroom, not a gymnasium.

Honestly, I think I’m still quite traumatized from our infamous kitchen renovation last year. But this one is going to be different for a number of reasons:

  • Tomas is going to be the main helper. He doesn’t leave on his mission for two whole weeks, and it’s not like he’s got anything else going on. It’ll also be great experience for him. I wish I’d known more about construction before I bought this house, that’s for sure.
  • It’s a much smaller room. Like an eighth the size of the kitchen. Smaller = easier, if for nothing other than the amount of time it takes to do things to the whole room. (Like painting, for example.)
  • We already have (almost) all of the stuff to do the renovation. I imagine there are some things we’ll still have to pick up. But the toilet, sinks, tub, vanity, and the like are all in my garage. (It’ll be lovely to be done with the project, since we’ll also be cleaning out the garage at the same time. Bonus!)
  • We did most of the legwork on the tricky stuff when we did the kitchen. The water and electrical are mostly good to go. (Knock on wood.)

I anticipate surprises. But this has been a long time coming, and once we’re through with it, I’m through with renovation for at least a year. Yesterday Tomas and I cleaned out the old bathroom, putting all the stuff into our living room, right next to the stuff that’s still there from the kitchen redo. Once our house is renovated, we’re going to have to spend some serious time on getting that room together.

Always something . . .


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