The Siding is Finished

It’s not sanded, caulked or painted, mind you–but it’s now all up on the garage, which is much better than it lying on the floor of the garage. DKC, TRC and I got it done this morning before I had to head in for my night shift at work. That means that of my house projects, the following are finished:

  • Chimney Retopping
  • Getting wood structural supports 2 inches away from chimney
  • Wood stove installed
  • Electrical outlet for wood stove installed
  • 1.5 inch hole in main water drain for house patched
  • Siding on garage done
  • Trim on garage done
  • Antique chimney uncovered.

Remaining to be done:

  • Antique chimney cleaned
  • Area around antique chimney trimmed
  • Sliding garage door trimmed and repaired
  • Siding sanded, caulked and painted
  • Wood stacked (2 cord or less left to go)
  • Garage cleaned out (so we can park in there again)
  • Scrap piles taken to dump or burned (wood)
  • Leaves raked/blown, bagged and banked by the house

I might be forgetting some things, but that’s the major stuff. It’s getting done, bit by bit–and some of that will have to wait for spring.

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