The Week I Fell off the Sugar Wagon

So last week I was at the Leading Change Institute, as you know. It was a great time, yes, but there was one thing that was decidedly not so great for me: the desserts.

Don’t get me wrong. They tasted great, and there were plenty of them. But that’s exactly the problem. My willpower to resist sugar was put to an extreme test, and it was found woefully lacking. I put up some resistance the first few days, but the longer time went on, and the more I was just sitting in a room with no windows but plenty of chocolate cake . . .

By the end, I was eating a whole lot of sugary things every day.

In a way, I suppose it was useful. I found out that sugar and I really don’t get along as well as I always thought we did. All those sweets left me feeling pretty crummy at the end of each day. I was sleeping plenty, but I didn’t feel nearly as well rested. I just felt worse, plain and simple. Worse enough that toward the end, I cut back on the intake some.

The good news is that I’m home now, and I was able to go right back to my old (new) habits. Strange to think that it really only took three months of going without sugar until I felt like that’s my new normal. Though I do miss that chocolate mousse . . .

Anyway. We’ll see in the future if this experience will be enough to persuade me to be more careful the next time bottomless desserts present themselves. The biggest problem I always have is that as soon as I break the rules I’ve set for myself, I feel like I might as well really break the rules. I need to get better and self correcting more quickly.

There’s always something to work on, I suppose.

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  1. I’m not sure there’s a way to make it through a conference without sugar snacking. It’s a bizarro world away from reality, and there are cookies and cake and brownies at every turn. Glad to hear you were able to climb right back on the wagon once you got home!

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