Thoughts on Yard Sales

The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Garage and Yard SalesI went up to start my yard sale this morning. Got things rolling around 7, and I stayed until Denisa came to staff the table while I traipsed off to work. I’ve never done a yard sale. What did I think?

Honestly, I kind of felt guilty for asking for money for some of the stuff. “Come buy the crap I don’t want.” Some of the stuff–the stuff that I actually borderline wanted to keep–I felt like I was selling for far too low. “That’s a Calphalon pot. No, I’m not going to sell it for $2. $10 is already a steal.” Other stuff–stuff I really felt embarrassed to even be putting on the table and admitting that I once owned–sold for much more than I thought it ought to. “You’ll pay a whole dollar for *that*? Sold!” Still, the hoarder in me is having a bit of a rough day. It doesn’t feel freeing or liberating to see individual items go. To see it all go as a group? Great. But I’ve got separation anxiety from things. Like a toy of TRC’s that he played with for years. Maybe I should have watched Toy Story 3 again before I did the sale . . .

I have decided I had far too many books. They’ll be getting donated to a library or goodwill.

Overall, the sale is going okay. We still have the couch and stove that I really want to ditch. Anybody want them? Real cheap! 🙂

Will I do another yard sale? I suppose. But it hasn’t been a really pleasurable experience. If we don’t make a lot of money, it might just be worth it next time to donate directly to goodwill and be done with it. This is a lot of headache and hassle. Also, I really don’t want to be buying stuff that I eventually just turn around and try to sell for $2. That’s not a sound investment. 🙂

I’m going to be headed back in a few hours to see how Denisa did in my absence. My theory is that an attractive woman will sell more than a bearded man. What do you think?

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  1. Hey, a long time ago you reviewed a program for household budgeting, not Quicken but something else, I can’t remember what it eas though. Did you keep using it? What was it called? I use Quicken now, but I am considering shifting to something else. Thanks!

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