To Infinity . . .

Gearing up for the trip now–in the midst of figuring out where to go, what to do, what to eat(!)–the whole shebang. We somehow were lucky enough to accidentally schedule our trip to be down there at the same time as my cousin TEC and also my sister SMCL (do you still use your middle name, SMCL? ‘Cause that’s a lot of initials right there!) So we’ll be able to do some reunionizing while we’re down there, too. I’m super excited–especially now that my sister told me about this awesome software called Ridemax. Basically, you put in the Disney rides you want to see and the day you’re going, and it creates a schedule for you with low wait times and minimal walking. Awesome! I’ll try it out tonight.

Anyway–I plan to post while I’m vacationing, but for now, everyone have a nice weekend, and I’ll see you in Florida!

2 thoughts on “To Infinity . . .”

  1. We’ve used ridemax
    At Disneyland CA.
    It was good, it does give you some hints but I did feel like there WAS a LOT of walking, more than if we’d just gone on our own. Last year we didn’t use it and we still had a great time.
    I’d try it out for a few days, get an idea and then just enjoy yourself and the kids.

  2. Re: We’ve used ridemax
    We’ll see how it goes. It’s worth a shot–I know the park really well, and I should be able to tell if it’s leading me off or not.

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