To Shoot or not to Shoot?

Well, more like “to get shot or not to get shot.” Flu shot, that is. And it’s sort of a misleading question, since I already got one. Today. And my arm is hurting. I have a hard life, don’t I?

Each year I kind of debate getting a flu shot, though. There’ve been a few times that I got it and got really sick anyway that year, which begs the question of what good it did me. Yes, I realize that it’s just supposed to protect against many forms of the flu, not all of them–but isn’t this a bit of a cop out? I mean, I could have this “magic stick” that I use to hit you in the head. And I can tell  you that it prevents the flu and whatever else I feel like claiming, and as long as I have that disclaimer in there (“It prevents most forms of stupidity, but not all”), then there’s no way of knowing if me whacking you upside the head really did any good or not. (Other than the sheer enjoyment I might derive from smacking you.) If you get sick, not my fault. It was just the “wrong sort” of flu. If you don’t get sick, I can claim the credit.

How is the stick clubbing any different from poking me in the arm with some liquid that’s supposed to have dead flu in it, which will keep the rest of the flu away from me? (As long as it’s the right sort of flu.)

Who said witchcraft was dead?

Still, there’s something to be said for the placebo effect, and so I consent to getting poked. It’s free, after all. And my arm only hurts a little.

How about you? Did you get shot this year? Do you avoid it? I realize it’s all anecdotal evidence, but what can I say? I enjoy anecdotes.

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