Vodnik Megasale and *Contest*! Please RT or Share

IMG_0308Happy Halloween, peoples!

I’m pleased to announce that my publisher is doing yet another awesome sale on VODNIK. As before, there’s a Friends & Family deal that’ll get you a good discount on the print version of the book (bringing it down to just $12.32), but this time, there’s also a huge sale on the ebooks, too.

We’re talking $1.99, folks, on the platform of your choice. Kindle, iBook, Nook, Google Play–you name it, now’s your chance. Cheaper than a Wendy’s Frosty. And while a Frosty would give you a few minutes of chocolatey goodness, Vodnik promises hours of Slovak folklore fun–and no brainfreeze!

Like last time, if you wouldn’t mind retweeting this or shilling it on Facebook, that would be awesome. The book’s won a couple of awards, and it’s held steady at 4+ stars on Goodreads. I’m not making it up when I say people like it. ๐Ÿ™‚


Here’s the info onย how to get 35% off the book (and free shipping):

And here are the relevant links to the ebooks.

Oh–but wait. I’d mentioned something about a contest, didn’t I . . . ?


Here’s the dealio: I’m in the middle of the third draft of THE MEMORY THIEF (a new Middle Grade fantasy of mine). I’m willing to put naming rights of not one but TWO characters on the block for this promotion. That’s right, folks. You win this contest, you get to name the main character’s parents. And they’re in several scenes and play an important part in the novel.

See how much I love ya’ll? (Though I reserve the right to veto or tweak the names. I’m not letting my main character’s dad be named Muffin McSquiggles, after all.)

How do you enter ze contest?

Easy schmeasy. You get an entry for doing any of the following:

  • Retweeting, blogging, Tumblr-ing, Facebook sharing, LinkedInning, Pinteresting–any social media networking–this post or just info on the sale itself (you could link to the $1.99 Kindle page, for example). If you’re a member of 15 different social media networks, and you post it to all 15, that gives you FIFTEEN DIFFERENT ENTRIES, yo. Post about it more than once? I’ll give you one entry per post. So if you nag all your friends on Facebook eighty-nine times to buy this book . . . you probably won’t have any friends left. But you WILL have 89 entries in ze contest. Because I’m feeling mag-freaking-nanimous.
  • Review the book (good or bad–just be honest) on any site (Amazon, iTunes, GoodReads, Nook, Google, etc.) AND share that review on the social media network of your choice. If you’ve already reviewed it, no problemo–just share the review again. Again, multiple entries per share are allowed. (And if you share the review and mention that the book’s ON SALE NOW, then congrats–you’ve just earned 2 entries. I must be crazy.)
  • Buy the book/ebook–That gets you an entry, too. One per copy. Sorry–new purchases only. (Though if you’ve already bought the book for yourself, thank you, thank you–a million times thank you. Wouldn’t your twenty favorite nieces and nephews also all like copies? Share the joy of Vodnik, and net yourself 20 entries in the process. Talk about the joy of giving!)

How will I know you’ve done any of these things? Make sure you email me to let me know what you did, OR just post a response to this post detailing your many fine efforts. This is all about trust, peoples. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re on your honor to tell the truth. If your immortal soul is worth getting traded for some falsified contest entries . . . just tell me what you did, and how many total entries you earned. Make sense?

NOTE: The sale ends October 22nd. So not quite for Halloween, but I couldn’t resist using the pic of the pumpkin I carved. ๐Ÿ™‚ย The contest ends October 23rd. I’ll pick a winner when I’m back from vacation–sometime at the beginning of November.


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