Vodnik Update–Offer Input!

Slovakia: The Bradt Travel GuideIt’s been a while since I did an update on Vodnik for you all, and I thought I’d take a (quick) moment to let you know what’s happening on that front. We’re still in editing mode–my editor and I have been bouncing it back and forth. Hopefully a fairly finalized draft is close to being finished. There’ll still be more edits ahead, but the extent of the edits is becoming smaller and smaller. (Or at least, it was the last I checked–for all I know, I’ve got a big heaping plate o’ edits to tackle next round. Here’s hoping I don’t . . . )

At the same time, other parts of the book are moving forward. Discussions of how the book should look, what the cover might potentially be–fun stuff like that. Things I can’t really talk about here, but I thought you’d like to know it was happening, nonetheless. And with that in mind, here’s a chance for you to offer some feedback. Any of you readers out there have any books you can think of that really impressed you, from a design standpoint? (Cover layout, interior layout, etc.) It actually looks like I’ll have a chance to give some suggestions on this point of the process–something which authors don’t often get, and which I’m very excited about. (Yay for smaller presses who pay attention to new authors!)

Anyway–I’m trying to think of sample books that have stood out to me, but I thought I’d throw this open to the masses to see if any of you had ideas. Please share!

5 thoughts on “Vodnik Update–Offer Input!”

  1. I really liked the look/design of The Goose Girl (that you and DKC gave me, of course). I remember the texture of the cover being nice, and I thiiiink I remember liking the font it used.

  2. Jackets matter so much to me when I’m trying a new author — how dumb is that?! Three series that will always stick out to me — chronicles of prydain (esp Book of Three cover with Horned King rearing his horse), dark is rising series, and of course wheel of time. Get a great cover image with imaginative, detailed artwork…

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