High Noon (Two-Disc Ultimate Collector's Edition)With some things, I’m a pro at waiting. Putting off something around that house that needs to be done sometime? I can do that. Postponing a haircut? No problem. Chores are something I excel at waiting for. But in other areas of waiting, I’m down right impatient. I tend to obsess over things, and I really like to get something done as quickly as I can, if it’s something that I start to worry at all about. I’m probably not alone in this regard, but I write about this today mainly because there’s something on the horizon that I have to wait for, and there’s nothing to be done until Thursday. In the meantime, I’m finding it hard to concentrate on things. There’s plenty to be done between now and Thursday. The front side of our garage is now scraped, sanded and painted, and we have to do the same to the side and the back. The woodshed needs clapboard put on, and then it needs to be painted, too. It’s just hard to get that all done when I keep pausing every five minutes to think about that thing that’s happening on Thursday.

And no, I can’t share with you what it is. It’s nothing life and death, so don’t you start worrying about it, too. Instead, let’s talk about something to take my mind off the waiting. What are the best movies you’ve seen where waiting is essential to the plot? Here are some off the top of my head, all of which I recommend:

High Noon
3:10 to Yuma
Christmas Story
Groundhog Day
It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Forrest Gump

I’m sure there are many many more. I haven’t even touched on horror films, and that’s gotta have a ton. But for some reason, I’m having trouble concentrating . . . Please, add to the list.

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