What I Did on My Summer Vacation: July 14–Horse Riding (Mainly Pictures)

Firefly: The Complete Series [Blu-ray]July 14 was taken up by mostly relaxing for the first half of the day. Denisa was still recuperating from her sun exposure the day before, and I was happily enduring a head cold, so we slept quite a bit that morning. In the afternoon and evening, we went to visit a horse ranch owned by one of Denisa’s high school friends. Had some great grilled sausages, and the kids and Denisa all rode a horse (which they really enjoyed).

(I didn’t ride the horse. I’ve ridden one many times, and riding a horse in a circle doesn’t quite excite me as much as it might have at one time in my life.)

*Extra credit to you if you can come up with the link between the pic for this post and the topic.

TRC and DC say hi to the horse:

Forget the Pied Piper. Any time you want to attract a young boy, just find a big pile o’ dirt. TRC ran up and down this hill more times than I can count.

TRC, very proud of his horse riding abilities:

DC, a bit more tentative:

The inside of the restaurant at the ranch:

A traditional Slovak dress: (I’m trying to convince Denisa that she really needs to own one of these. She says it would look silly. Come on, people–help me convince her!)

3 thoughts on “What I Did on My Summer Vacation: July 14–Horse Riding (Mainly Pictures)”

  1. That dress is beautiful. (And “space cowboy” is the only link I can make to Firefly, but it seems tenuous.)


  2. Two things:

    1. Did you ask if those were horse sausages?

    2. I hope that “mound of dirt” wasn’t actually created by a mound of something else from the horses.

    Otherwise, looks like a really fun day!

  3. Kjerste–Exactly. Denisa really needs one. And look for another clue about the connection to the pick in today’s post.

    Dad–No horses were harmed in the making of those sausages. And none were involved in the making of the hill. 🙂

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