What I Did on My Summer Vacation: July 24 (Last One–with Pics!)

And so we come to the end of my summer vacation series for this year. It’s taken me long enough, I know. Sorry about the pauses in between posts. There’s just been too much else that I wanted to blog about.

On our final day in London, we binged on museums: the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum, to be specific. Free and fantastic. TRC in particular really liked the Natural History Museum. It’s a gorgeous old building, and they’ve done a great job converting it into a modern museum space. (Except for the dinosaur wing, which was way. too. crowded.) Here are some parting pics:

The Natural History Museum has this cool program, where you can go to the front desk and check out Explorer Kits for the kids. They come with backpacks loaded with activities, a helmet, and binoculars, and they were quite the hit with the kidlets.

Don’t be a dodo.

The room’s even more impressive in person.

One last explorer action shot.

The outside of the Natural History Museum

Space explorers

Last bus ride

Quite possibly TRC’s favorite part of the trip. Riding a double decker bus was WAY high on his priority list.

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