Why Bryce Moore?

Alias - The Complete Second SeasonOne of the questions that quite a few people have asked since my book deal became public is why I’m going with a pen name. Why not use my real name, and why Bryce Moore?

The answer isn’t too terribly complicated. For one thing, Bryce Moore IS my real name–Moore is my middle name. So it’s not really much of a pen name.

Here’s the second thing: try googling my real name. My phone number at work comes up as the first Google result. The fact is, I do a lot of tech stuff at work, and I’m very actively involved online. In the end, I wanted some sort of barrier between my two “hats.” Yes, if people try and find out my real name, they will. That’s okay. It’s not like it’s top secret or anything. My agent argued against using a pen name, and I almost decided not to go with it. Then those Google searches came back, and it stopped really being a question anymore.

So Bryce Moore it is.

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