Why do Boys Think Romance is So Yucky?

In watching Groundhog Day as a family last night, I got to see my son start doing something new: covering his eyes for the kisses. The funny thing to me is that I can still very clearly remembering doing this myself. (Probably because I kept doing it until I was like 25. Okay–maybe I stopped a bit sooner than that.)

Why do boys do this?

DC couldn’t get enough of the kisses, of course. She thought they were all very romantic. But then again, DC is a total girl’s girl. If it’s pink, frilly, or smells good, she wants a piece of the action. TRC is a boy’s boy. He wants his explosions big and his Nerf guns bigger.

So what is it that makes romance and kisses so darn yucky for boys? My guess is that it’s a public display of emotion, and boys are (generally speaking) encouraged by our society to crush out any shred of emotion they might have in them. I haven’t cried in . . . maybe six years? Seven? Not sure. Certainly not since moving to Maine. (Because I’m just that happy here all the time.) Seriously–it’s not because I haven’t been sad, but . . . I just don’t cry.

No doubt it’s killing me, emotionally and from a stress-level standpoint. I grind my teeth at night all the time, as I’ve mentioned. TRC does the same thing, poor guy. He’s 7, and he’s already wound up about things enough to make him grind his teeth?


Anyone else out there have anything to offer on the subject? When do boys typically grow out of this stage? Should I be doing anything as a parent about this, or do I just let him work it out on his own?

I’m not overly worried about it. Not worried at all, actually. More just curious and fascinated by the phenomenon.

4 thoughts on “Why do Boys Think Romance is So Yucky?”

  1. You should just make him watch a ton of lovey scenes and dramatic movies, and talk to him about all the kids at school that tease him until he cries. You know, to get it out of his system…

    … this advice comes from someone without children. It may not work. Sounds solid to me though.

  2. Given that your enthusiasm for Groundhog Day spawned from your original discomfort with the lovey dovey emotions tied to Valentines Day, I’d guess that TRC has a few years to go before he’ll be comfortable with kisses. ;>)

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