Why I Love Maine Reason #532

The Coast of MaineI really enjoy this new state I find myself living in. There are many reasons–some of which I’ve gone into detail at length on my blog (my continued Eternal House Project, for example). But one thing I haven’t said is how great it is to drive in western Maine,. The roads are empty, there are lots of trees and turns and plenty of gorgeous views to keep you occupied, and you never know when you’re going to see another cool old house around the next bend. I trekked to Augusta and back this morning, and on the return trip, I didn’t get stuck behind any slow drivers–hardly saw any other drivers at all. The sun was out, music was blasting, and it was smooth sailing the whole way.


Of course, it helps to have a GPS, since the roads can get fairly bewildering quite quickly. Also, I need to drive to Bangor tomorrow for a library meeting, and there’s 3-6 inches of snow forecast, so we’ll see how much I like driving tomorrow.

Still, for a guy like me who likes his roads fast and empty, western Maine can be a pretty great place. Every time I leave the state and go elsewhere, I’m reminded how miserable traffic really is. To me, traffic is getting home in 6 minutes instead of 5.


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