Writing Update (and a Pigs in Space/Star Wars Mashup)

It’s been a while since I updated ya’ll on my writing. No time like the present, right? At this point, I basically have three major efforts that I’m working on actively.

  • Vodnik–The book’s been officially accepted by my editor, and it’s gone on to the copy edit stage. It’s also being read by some culture specialists to ensure my handling of Roma culture is done properly. I expect to take another pass at the book toward the end of this month. That will mainly be focused on fixing the details. Misspelled words, consistency of description (did a character’s eye color change?)–as well as fixing any cultural issues that might be brought up. I know the book is currently being designed (meaning what the interior and exterior of the book will look like–fonts, any maps, cover, layout, etc.). I’ve seen a rough draft of the cover, and it should be pretty darn cool. I can’t wait to share it with everybody. Vodnik is still on course for publication in spring 2012. That’s in about a half year!
  • Tarnhelm–The first draft is done. My writing group is finishing reading it, which should be done by the end of this month, give or take a week. At that point, there’s a laundry list of Things I Want to Change in the book. Having written it in between Vodnik edits, I feel like the tone is too uneven in spots. There are some plot points that I forgot I’d written, which obviously is a problem. I’m very much a drafter–I like to barrel through the first draft and get everything on paper, then go back afterward and start tweaking. So I’ll give Tarnhelm a read through in a few weeks and figure out how to change what needs changing. At this point, however, I haven’t yet identified any drastic changes that need to be ironed out. (Then again, my writing group hasn’t gotten to the climax yet . . .) I’ll revise the book, then look for beta readers to read it all at once–a very different sort of feedback than I get from writing group, where it’s spread out chapter by chapter over months.
  • Weaver of Dreams–In the meantime, I’ve returned to this, the third book I ever wrote. I’m rereading the manuscript, red pen in hand, mainly to evaluate if I think the book is worth a hard revision. It’s been a while since I picked it up–probably about eight years or so at least. I’ve already found some areas that need a lot of work. (For example, the book has two main viewpoint characters. In my desire to make their voices sound different, I decided that one of them would never use contractions. Not one of my smartest artistic choices over the years. That can and will be fixed.) So far, I’ve been really happy to see that the book is holding up fairly well. Then again, I’m only 30 pages in to a 200+ page book. There are some foundational problems I’ve come across (the set up of the big picture plot, for example), but nothing that looks too bleak. We’ll see what the other 170 pages hold in store . . . I’m shooting to have this read through done by the end of the month, so that I can transition from it over to the Vodnik copy edit, and from that over to the Tarnhelm revision, and from that over to the (hoped for) Weaver of Dreams revision, at which point I’ll hop back to Tarnhelm to do the third draft.
Clear as mud? That should take me through the end of this year. I’ve got some ideas for new books that I want to write, as well. They’re percolating in the back of my mind, hopefully improving with age.
So there you have it–probably more information about my upcoming books than you ever really wanted to know. For those of you who have hung around this long, allow me to reward you with the promised Pigs in Space/Star Wars Mashup (because you haven’t lived until you’ve seen C-3PO tap dance):

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