2022 Election Thoughts

I really don’t know what to say these days around elections. It seems like a very significant event each year, of course. (And it always seems like the current election is billed as the Most Important Election Ever, and if things don’t go exactly the way you’re hoping they’re going to go, then the next thing you know we’ve gone full Mad Max and you better just hope you’ve got access to water.) But it also seems like something where more and more, people’s minds are made up and there’s not going to be any changing them.

I’m as guilty of this as the next guy. I have completely lost any and all faith in the Republican party. The party I once really believed in somehow changed into the party of Donald Trump. My feelings on Trump are well-established, and I don’t need to go over them yet again, but suffice it to say that any party Trump’s trying to throw is one I want to spoil if at all possible. It might, perhaps, be different if their embrace of Trump were less jubilant than it has been, but it’s been anything but that. It’s more than a little disgusting.

So I feel like I’m left with no other real option than to vote for the other guy. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not exactly holding my nose to do it, since “the other guy” has a lot of things going for him. Things like “not wanting to ban books,” or “not still trying to increase gun rights.” But again, as soon as I say I’m for those things, then anyone who’s against them assumes I’m on the Other Side and am, therefore, not worth paying attention to.

What do I think we’ll be looking at tomorrow? I think we’ll see that Republicans have taken back both the House and the Senate. I think they’ll spend the next two years doing things I generally disagree with, and some things that I really disagree with. Somehow they’ve latched onto this “Biden is as bad for us as Trump is for you” mindset, which seems to extend into “If you impeached Trump, we’re going to impeach Biden,” which says to me that they view all of this far too much like a game and not like anything serious.

I expect that from that change in Congress, even less will get done in the country to actually change anything for the better. I expect it’ll make people even more divided, as we lead up to the presidential election two years from now, which we’ll be forced to hear about non-stop from tomorrow until the election.

So, my general expectations are pretty low and negative right now. That said, I also expected BYU to get blown out by Boise State, and I was very wrong about that, so who knows.

If the past is any predictor of the future, then regardless who wins, good and bad things will still happen in the country, and the opinion about what “good” and “bad” means will continue to drift farther apart.

So . . . yeah. Happy election day, everyone?


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