A Message from Quarantine

If you were following along on Facebook at all, you’ll know that I tested for COVID the second I got home from Texas, because safety. You’ll also know that I tested positive. Since that test (on Thursday at 6pm), I have been in my bedroom practically the whole time. I go outside now and then to get some sunlight and to walk around some in an effort to keep my legs from just completely wasting away, but when it comes to being inside, it’s one room, that’s it.

Since this is our family’s first bout with COVID, we didn’t know a whole lot about how long to isolate. Ironically, two other friends of mine caught it at practically the same time (none of us in the same state). So I knew from conversations with them and others that I was to isolate until 5 days after the first day of symptoms, and then wear a mask when I was out in public if I was symptom free. (If you’re not symptom free, no ending isolation for you!)

And . . . I’m still not symptom free. I’m also not completely sure when symptoms started, since I was on the road and had slept poorly at the hotel. So I’m just being cautious all around. That said, I will say that being stuck here by myself for what’s now my fifth day is . . . less than fun. I hadn’t seen my family since last Monday when I left, and now here I am more than a week later with no real contact with them other than when I’m feeling up for a chat outside. (We have been zooming during dinner and at other times, but it’s not really the same thing.) That said, I really don’t want to be the reason anyone in my family gets this. So they’re all staying in a different wing of the house, and we’re keeping a few empty rooms between us as a buffer zone.

The good news is that my symptoms are now down to minor. I’ve got a stuffy nose, a headache, a sore throat when I swallow, and I’m tired. For a while, I had a sore throat bad enough to wake me up multiple times a night, but a non-stop running nose and muscle aches. I’ve been taking Paxlovid since Friday, and I’m glad I did, since it’s taken a long time to recover as-is. (Noting that I realize some people take even longer, or don’t recover at all. I’m grateful this isn’t worse.)

I imagine I’ll still be stuck here tomorrow, but if the symptoms are mostly gone, I might begin venturing outside more, and then head back to work . . . Thursday? Here’s hoping. In the meantime, I’ve watched a slew of movies and an entire television series. I’ve played many digital games, and today and yesterday I’m finally getting back into work items. I think I’ll be able to start writing again today as well. For a while there, I just wasn’t up to complex thought.

Anyway. Thanks for all your well wishes and concern. I’m hanging in there, and looking forward to being back in the full swing of things soon.


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