All Hail the Victor

March Madness has come to a close. It was a pretty bad year for my bracket, right up until the end. I only picked 5 out of 16 for the Sweet Sixteen, for example. That’s pretty miserable. 2 out of 8 for the Elite Eight. 1 out of 4 for the Final Four. But that 1 was Villanova, who I picked to win it all, so when Villanova did win everything, I shot up to finish up 4th out of 16 in my blog bracket challenge.

But 4th is not 1st, and this year Betsey Hyde emerged the victor, snatching victory right out of the hands of Kevin Albert, who’d had a fair run up until then. (Sure, just 8/16 for Sweet Sixteen, and 3/8 for the Elite Eight, but 2/4 for the Final Four, and he picked the championship game exactly.)

So congratulations, Betsey. You’re officially in the acknowledgements page for MEMORY THIEF 2. (Now if I could only announce what the title is for the book and when it’s coming out . . . )

Thanks to all who participated, and better luck to all of us (except Betsey) next year!


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