Who Wants to Be a Grand High Groundhog? New Patreon Perks!

After making my plea for support of the blog at the beginning of the year, I’ve been very happy to see people come forward to answer the call. I broke the small $10/month goal I set at the beginning of the year, and I decided to take some time to flesh out the Patreon more fully.

So, starting today, there are actual reward tiers, with perks attached to each. Here they are:

The lowest tier is the “Junior Woodchuck” level. Commit to $1/month and you have my heartfelt thanks and (I assume) the thanks of all my other readers, seeing as how your support makes the blog possible. You also gain access to the Patreon message board, where you can make suggestions for media I should consume and request blog posts on various topics.

Next up is “Woodchuck First Class” at $3/month. Congratulations, woodchuck-chucker, you’ve just earned yourself some cool perks. First off, you’ll get a free copy of Cavern of Babel (in Kindle format). In addition, you get the right to sponsor one blog post a month. That means you get to give me a blog prompt (topic or something to review) and I’ll respond on the blog. There’s a forum on the message boards to do this. Finally, all current First Class Woodchucks will get their names in the acknowledgements page of each book I publish. Your name, in print. (And to think your mother-in-law said you’d never amount to much!)

Above that is the “Elite Whistlepig” level at $6/month. In addition to getting all the perks of Woodchuck (First Class), you’ll get to read two chapters a month of an unpublished book by yours truly. We’ll start off with ICHABOD and move on from there. These chapters will be posted the first and third Friday every month.

Finally, there’s the “Grand High Groundhog” at $9/month. In addition to getting all the perks of Whistlepigs and Woodchucks, your gloriousness will get to read one chapter of one of my current works in progress each month. (Talk about exclusive!) This chapter will be posted the second Friday every month. And finally, I will do a 20 minute Skype visit with a class or book group of each Groundhog’s choosing, once per year (per Groundhog).

Any of my current Patrons are eligible for the Grand High Groundhog level as long as they stay Patrons. (They’re grandfather in.) Unfortunately, they aren’t able to automatically be able see the chapters as they get posted. (Patreon locks them to select tiers, and they won’t let me automatically upgrade people.) So if you’re a current Patron and want to see them, just email me or message me on Facebook, and I’ll email you each month when they get posted.

The first chapter of ICHABOD will go up this Friday. I might continue to tweak these perks as it makes sense, but this seems like a reasonable place to start. If you have any questions, let me know!

Sign up for the Patreon here.


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