All I Wanted was to Update My Computer

Technology these days is marvelous. I know that. I’m grateful for it. It’s a minor miracle that my computer can magically connect to some sort of invisible force that travels through the air and somehow make itself smarter. That’s some next level voodoo stuff.

So I don’t mean to disparage it, but at the same time . . . it took forty-five minutes to get the job done. Would have been nice for a heads up before I went into the process. “Bryce. Watch out. This update is going to feel like forever. So don’t think you’re just going to sit there and wait this out. Go for a walk. Read a book. Maybe pick up a hobby. Because this update is playing for keeps.”

Is there a degree of doublethink at work here, where I can both marvel at the wonders of technology and complain that those wonders take longer than is convenient? Darn tootin’, there is. And I see nothing wrong with that. Technology has trained me to expect the best. To have my cake, eat it, and still have as much cake at the end of that process as I had when I started. More, even.

Look. If you bake a nice chocolate cake and put it in front of me, and then tell me I have to wait forty-five minutes to eat it, I’m going to get a tad grouchy. Especially if that wait time means I have no time to blog.

In other words, it’s not my fault today’s post is short and lame. It’s part of the vicious update cycle of technology. Take it up with them, folks.

Then again, I could still be stuck with this old experience. Maybe I ought to stop complaining . . .


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