At the Daddy Daughter Dance: Year Three

IMG_0856The first thing DC asked me when last year’s daddy daughter dance (check out year one’s write up too) was over was, “When are we going again?

“When” was on Saturday, and she was just as excited as ever. (Look at that expression! And check out the other pictures from my earlier posts. DC has grown a ton in two years. A ton ton.)

Just like me, she’s big on tradition. So we went to eat at the same restaurant again, and once again she got chicken fingers. (So did the other girls, although one went with a salad this time instead of chicken fingers. Signs of the beginnings of a trend?) And just like last year and the year before, we danced our socks off.

DC was no longer quite as concerned about what everyone else was doing, which I was happy to see. Instead, she danced how she wanted. We tried out all sorts of different moves (all of them just bits and pieces I’ve learned from Denisa somehow over the years. Repetition: the mother of all learning.) So there were plenty of twirls and spins and dips and slides. Her favorite song to dance to was probably YMCA, and her favorite song they played was definitely Let It Go (from Frozen). Not saying she was completely oblivious to what other people were doing–she noticed other girls resting their heads on their dad’s chests when they were slow dancing, so she picked that up fast. No complaints here.) But in general, she wanted to have fun and that’s all that mattered.

She’s getting old enough now that yes, I was thinking about how she’ll be dating in another 9 years or so. And yes, I might have been starting on overprotective thoughts already. All part of the package deal of being a father, I suppose.

It’s so fun to see DC get older and take on more personality. She’s a very focused girl, who’s big on saving money, doing art projects, and having fun. We get along great. Hard to believe she’s already seven.

Little sister MC was envious of DC, and I might be going with both of them to the dance next year. (MC has been clamoring for dresses. As soon as she gets one on, she starts dancing in place. Very cute.)

In any case, another successful year, and I’m really glad I have the chance to do things like that with DC. They’re definitely outside my comfort zone (dancing in general), but dads are willing to put up with an awful lot if it means their kids are having a good time.

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