Being a Bum and a Report Back on Christmas

The Jerk (26th Anniversary Edition)I decided this year to take the entire week after Christmas off, not so I could go do exciting things somewhere–just so I could hang around the house and relax with my family. There’s been some pretty busy times this year, and my goal was to stay home with TRC while he was off from school. We could watch movies, play games, sleep in, eat too much and generally just have a good time.

So far, mission successful.

Except for the sleeping in part. The kids seem to have other ideas about that. It doesn’t help that TRC has had pink eye, and in the spirit of Christmas, he gave it to DC, who has now kindly given it to Denisa. My kids learn their lessons well, what can I say? It’s okay. No one’s terribly sick, and it’s a raging blizzard outside right now, which meant that they closed campus for the day, which in turn means that the day off I was planning on taking my own time for, I was kindly gifted by good ol’ Ma Nature. It’s the season of giving, all around.

So how did Christmas go for me and mine? Very well, thanks for asking. DC got up at 2, 4, 6 and then stayed up once she hit 7. We got up as a family at 7:30. Unwrapped presents, ate delicious caramel nutmeg walnut rolls made by Denisa, and then collapsed in bed while the kids went crazy with new toy frenzy.

Anyway–I’d write more, but . . . I’m feeling particularly lazy, and I still have to do my writing (no vacation from that). Hope you’re all well, and that you got some cool loot for whatever loot-awarding holiday you celebrated.

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