memory thief

A (Brief) Update on the Memory Thief Movie

Longtime readers might recall that more than five(!) years ago, there was a big announcement about The Memory Thief getting made into a movie and getting a sequel. And then four years ago, I announced who I’d found out the screenwriters were. Since then, you’ve heard . . . nothing. And today, that’s not going to change that much, but there is *something* to tell you, and so I thought I’d let you in. The book was originally optioned by 21 Laps and Fox, back in the days before Fox was bought by Disney. Before that sale went through, things

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Writing Update: August 2019

It’s been a while since I checked in to update you all about my various writing endeavors. People often ask if I’m still writing, and the answer is always yes. I’ve got many different projects in the fire in one way or another. Here’s a breakdown of everything I’ve written or am working on writing: Book One: Into the Elevator. Some fun stuff in this adventure about a girl transported to a fantasy realm, but it’s still a first book. I haven’t even reread it in years. Might be amusing to do so at some point, but . . .

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Chinese Illustrations for THE MEMORY THIEF

I know I said I was taking a break from blogging, but imagine my surprise the other morning when I got an email about the upcoming printing of THE MEMORY THIEF in Chinese. I’d posted the cover a few months ago, which was exciting and different. Unknown to me, my Chinese publisher also decided to commission a series of illustrations for the book as well. Better yet, I get to share them with you . . . now! Illustrations THE MEMORY THIEF by Bryce Moore I think these are beautiful. So cool to see their interpretation of some of these

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The Chinese Cover for THE MEMORY THIEF

While I was at my conference in DC yesterday, I received a lovely surprise in my inbox. MEMORY THIEF was sold in China a while ago, as you might recall, and since that sale, I haven’t really thought anything more about it. That’s the thing with foreign sales: I’ve already written the book, so it’s not like I really have to do any more work. Yay! Anyway, the cover for the book is finished, and I’m happy to be able to share it with you now. I speak no Chinese whatsoever, so for all I know the cover says “Bryce

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And the Screenwriters for THE MEMORY THIEF Adaptation are . . .

You might think I have some sort of inside track to all the news on the film adaptation of THE MEMORY THIEF. And maybe I have a little, but today I was reminded how narrow that inside track really is. I’m a librarian, right? And that means I search things. Occasionally I search personal things. It’s been over a year since The Memory Thief movie adaptation was announced. I know they’ve been working on a script for the film. It’s progressing. But that’s about all I knew. This morning, I took a quick jaunt around the interwebs to see if,

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