A (Brief) Update on the Memory Thief Movie

Longtime readers might recall that more than five(!) years ago, there was a big announcement about The Memory Thief getting made into a movie and getting a sequel. And then four years ago, I announced who I’d found out the screenwriters were. Since then, you’ve heard . . . nothing. And today, that’s not going to change that much, but there is *something* to tell you, and so I thought I’d let you in.

The book was originally optioned by 21 Laps and Fox, back in the days before Fox was bought by Disney. Before that sale went through, things were actually looking promising. They’d finished a screenplay that people liked, and they had the attention of a director who wanted to do it. Then the big mouse stepped in and bought the fox, and even then, things looked okay. Disney was letting Fox movies do their thing.

Until X-Men Apocalypse. This was a Fox-produced movie that did so poorly at the box office that Disney pressed the big “stop” button on all Fox movie projects, essentially canceling them all unless exceptions were made. The good news? The Memory Thief adaptation even made it past that.

While all of that was going on, my publisher for The Memory Thief was bought out by a new company that wasn’t all that keen on doing books. They’re more focused on movies. It’s hard to publish a sequel without a publisher, and so the sequel has been thrown into limbo. I have the rights back for both books, but no publisher at the moment. If a movie were ever made, I’m sure that would help the books come back to life.

And as for the movie? Well, it’s still . . . somewhere. At least, the option has been renewed multiple times I know this, because I’ve cashed the check and spent the money. So somebody somewhere still likes the project enough to be shelling out a bit of cash to keeping it alive. The latest check just came through, so it is definitely still not dead. Where is it in the greater scheme of things? All I know is they’re working on the screenplay. I don’t know if they’re revising it, or tweaking it, or scrapping it and starting over.

And you now know everything I know about the movie. Maybe five years from now, I’ll be able to give another update.


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