Saying Goodbye

I drove Tomas up to Bangor yesterday morning. I had originally planned on just dropping him off at the curb at the airport, but then I realized he was checking bags, and that wasn’t something we’ve really done when flying before, so I parked and went in with him to give him one last bit of support before he headed off on his own. I went up with him to security (it was his first time in Bangor’s small airport, though I’m sure he could have figured it out himself), gave him a hug, told him I was proud of

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Home MTC: A Parent’s Perspective

Tomas has been doing home MTC (Missionary Training Center) for a week and a half now. He’s heading out to Provo on Tuesday. When we were heading into the home MTC experience, I really wasn’t sure what to expect from it. When I went on my mission, my parents dropped me off at the MTC in Provo, and that was that. I’d never met my teachers, my companion, or anyone I’d be rooming with. I had no idea where I’d stay or what my schedule would be like. They dumped all of that on me the day I arrived, in

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Starší Cundick

It’s official. Last night Tomas came up with me to Bangor to be set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Denisa and the girls couldn’t make it up, since MC has been sick for the past while, and we’re trying to get her feeling better as soon as possible. So now we have a missionary living in our house for the next two weeks. I’m still not entirely sure how that will work. I know he’s got classes each day but Sunday, but I’m not sure when they run. There’s only one other

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On Calling Home as a Missionary

I served a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1997 to 1999. I was in former Eastern Germany for those two years, and they remain some of the most impactful years of my life, continuing to influence who I am and how I think to this day. I was just exposed to so many different people, who each viewed the world differently, and because almost all of my conversations focused on religion, it was a chance to have some very deep discussions with all those different people. As has been the custom for

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The Best Book on Mormon Missionaries

As a former LDS missionary myself, I’ve read or perused a number of books on the subject. Before I went on my mission, there were some I read through to try and get a handle on what I was getting myself into. After the fact, I’ve read responses and reactions to missions online and in books. I’ve watched movies that try to depict missions, to varying degrees of success. So when I first moved to Maine and started working at the University of Maine at Farmington, I was surprised to be approached by one of the professors and discover he

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