Starší Cundick

It’s official. Last night Tomas came up with me to Bangor to be set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Denisa and the girls couldn’t make it up, since MC has been sick for the past while, and we’re trying to get her feeling better as soon as possible.

So now we have a missionary living in our house for the next two weeks. I’m still not entirely sure how that will work. I know he’s got classes each day but Sunday, but I’m not sure when they run. There’s only one other missionary learning Slovak in his group, so that should be . . . interesting? I’m not sure how they’ll handle someone who has no Slovak experience at all and someone who’s really just lacking the vocabulary. But his companion is in Arizona, so I think they’re trying to split the difference in terms of timing the classes.

When he’s at home, he doesn’t need a companion, but when he leaves our home, he has to be with Denisa or me the whole time. He gets a P-Day, which I believe is Wednesday. I’m not sure what exactly he’ll do on P-Day, since I’m at work all day, and Denisa has class as well. Then again, this really only goes until October 4th, when I’ll drive him to the airport and he’ll head off to the MTC in Provo.

I know many missionaries write weekly letters and send them out to people who gave email addresses for that. Tomas and I talked it over, and the way we’ll handle it is I’ll have him write a guest post each week that will keep people informed about what he’s up to. I believe his P-days are on Wednesdays, but we’ll see when he actually is able to send those letters.

Either which way, I’ll be interested to come home today and find out how the online training is going. Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support and encouragement for him. I know he appreciates them.


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