I Hate Flying

How much do I hate flying? As much as BA Barracus from the A Team hated flying. That’s a Mr. T. kind of hatred, for those of you who aren’t in the know. I’m already dreading my upcoming trip to Slovakia, simply because of how much I can’t stand to be in those lousy airplanes. It’s not that I don’t like traveling and seeing new places. I love that. But with planes, you have all this extra crap you have to do. For the upcoming trip, I have the following to look forward to: 2 hour drive to the bus […]

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Riddle Me This

So what’s wrong with the following scenario? Cost to get teeth fixed in America: $3,300 Cost for one adult, one child and an infant to fly to Slovakia and get teeth fixed: $3,300 Cost for two adults, a child and an infant to fly to Ireland and Slovakia and still get teeth fixed: $3,300 I sort of wonder if I kept looking, maybe I’d find an option that let me go to Asia, Europe and Australia and still only pay $3,300. Because apparently that’s how much these things cost these days. Bottom line is that we’re seriously considering making a

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Birthdays and Dental Bills

First of all, a very happy fourth birthday to my son, who’s at home right now having a party with some friends. Hopefully the house isn’t trashed when I get back. 🙂 He’s been looking forward to today for the past month or so, and I really hope he has as big of a day as he’s been hoping for. Too often it seems to me that “big days” later on in life just don’t live up to how I remember them as a child, so I figure he’s got to get as many “big days” in while they can

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Getting Ready

I hate flying.  Period.  I’m tall, so the seats are cramped, and add to that bad food, grumpy passengers, flight delays and turbulence, and what is there to like, frankly?  So whenever it comes time for me to take a trip, I have a sort of love/hate thing.  I’m excited to go, but I dread the getting there.  Right now I’m gearing up for my trip on Thursday.  It was originally just supposed to be a five day thing, but now with the addition of the university interviewing leg, it’s up to a week.  I fly Thursday, have an in-person

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