Bryce’s Travel Tip of the Day

Sorry the blog has been so sparse lately. I’ve been really (really) busy, and I just had to set it to the side. That said, I wanted to pop on today to give you a quick travel hack I just used. As you know, I’m going to Scotland for WorldCon in August. I bought one way tickets there, since I wanted to fly with Denisa and the girls, and they were flying one way to Scotland, then to Vienna, and then to Boston. The plan was always for me to fly home from Scotland. The one way ticket prices were

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My Favorite European Hotel Site

As I’ve been moving forward with my Scotland planning, it occurred to me today that it might be useful to let any of you who might be planning European vacations to know about my go-to site for finding hotels in Europe. First off, I’m not getting any money from Booking for this post. I just find the site extremely useful and reliable, and I’ve gone to it for trips to Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary, and now Scotland. Each time I go to a new country, it takes a bit of time to do some research to see which sites

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

So, as I’m planning our trip to Scotland, I’m finding one very big piece of information that’s pretty much affecting the entirety of the vacation: the Fringe Festival. If you’re like me and have been completely unaware of basically everything and anything related to Scotland, you no doubt have no idea what this is. Allow me to inform you. It’s one of the world’s largest art festivals, and it happens every year in Edinburgh for pretty much the entirety of August. And because there’s nothing worth doing that’s not worth overdoing, Edinburgh also hosts the International Art Festival, an International

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Looking for Advice: Planning a Trip to Scotland

Worldcon is in Glasgow this August, and I’ve made a goal to try and go to more conferences that are writing focused. It’s a tough goal, isn’t it? I have to go to Scotland in order to fulfill it? How ever will I manage? So this means I’m back in trip planning mode, as there’s no way I’m flying to Scotland and then just sitting in a conference center the entire time. For a while, I was thinking of seeing more of the British Isles while I was there, but after looking at the logistics, it didn’t make that much

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Cell Phones Abroad: Help?

Last time I went to Europe, I definitely learned one thing above anything else: using Verizon’s “international plan” option is a complete and utter rip off. They might have tweaked it some since, but at the time, it was incredibly confusing. There was a $10/day option, but there was also a monthly option, but it was just for the calendar month (as I recall). And Denisa and I were both trying to use our phones abroad. In the end, we stopped using hers after a bit and just used mine, but we still ended up paying for both the monthly

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